We are Entrepreneurs at Heart

Not only have we been in your shoes, we’re actually still wearing them.

In addition to building companies for our clients, we’ve built a few of our own along the way. Longbotham Strategic Marketing is part of a family of businesses that includes Tickle & Woo and Logan Kettrick.

Tickle and Woo Lead Nurturing

How much are your prospects and customers worth to you? $50,000/year? $250,000/year? You can't afford not to stay in front of them all the time. Phone calls get old. Emails get ignored. And gatekeepers make everything more difficult.

Stay top of mind using innovative, themed Tickle Box Subscriptions! Tickle Boxes create common ground and give you something to discuss besides the transaction of the moment.

Used independently or in tandem with a digital strategy, Tickle Boxes help you get past gatekeepers, improve cold calls, maintain connections and convert sales.

Logan Kettrick Professional Copywriting

While few companies have internal IT and graphics support, even fewer actually have qualified writers on staff. An ecommerce provider of professional copywriting, editing and proofreading, Logan Kettrick solves this problem with three service offerings: Original Writing, Revise & Proofread and Spit 'n Polish.

Customers can order new content or upload existing rough drafts and finished documents for review. Projects include web pages, brochures, sales presentations, press releases, direct mail, and more. We work with in-house marketers and business owners, while also providing confidential services to third-party companies who resell our work (print shops, web developers, etc.).