Non-Profit Marketing

Serve Clients, Attract Donors and Educate the Public

After years of making do with in-house brochures and mismatched donations of creative and printing, Friendship House decided it was time to send a cohesive, consistent message to clients and donors. Combining their non-profit marketing initiative with a community education program, we designed a beautiful two-pocket folder, a series of tri-fold brochures, a large corporate brochure and six web pages that their staff duplicated and customized for an entire website makeover at a minimal investment. To convey the sense of hope inherent in all the programs, the majority of the marketing materials feature photographs that include sunbeams or sunshine.

Marketing Materials - Folder Design

Non-Profit Marketing Folder

Marketing Materials - Brochures

Non-Profit Marketing Brochure Non-Profit Marketing Brochre Inside Non-Profit Marketing Brochure Inside

Corporate Brochure Design

on-Profit Marketing Corporate Overview

Website Design and Development

Non-Profit Marketing Website Non-Profit Marketing Webpage Non-Profit Marketing Webpage Non-Profit Marketing Webpage