Download a Free Flu Prevention Poster at www.Longbotham.comDue to the popularity of last year’s “Help Squash the Flu Bug!” poster, Longbotham Strategic Marketing has released its second annual Flu Bug Poster. The free poster, available for download (High Resolution PDF, Low Resolution PDF), documents the flu bug’s survival rate on various surfaces and reminds employees to practice healthy hygiene habits. Organizations are welcome to print and post the message in their workplaces to help educate staff in the hopes of maintaining productivity and profitability during the winter months.

The flu can have a serious impact on your company’s bottom line, employee morale and productivity. The Center for Disease Control estimates influenza costs businesses around $10 billion annually in employee medical visits. In late December 2014, the CDC announced, “All national key flu indicators are elevated and about half of the country is experiencing high flu activity. Flu activity is expected to continue into the coming weeks, with increases occurring especially in those states that have not yet had significant activity.”

“The flu can dramatically reduce your workforce, decrease your billable hours and create a stressful, morale-busting environment for healthy employees expected to pick up the slack. Companies both large and small should take measures to minimize the effects of the flu on their business,” explains Bonnie J. Longbotham, President and Chief Creative Officer of Longbotham Strategic Marketing.

According to Ms. Longbotham, “Well-meaning employees who comes to work sick can actually end up costing the company time and money. Influenza germs can remain on surfaces for long periods of time and can circulate through the air infecting other employees. Reminding staffers to reduce the spread of germs can help minimize the negative domino effect that sickness can inflict on a workplace.”

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