Answers to Your Marketing Questions
By Bonnie J. Longbotham
As published in the December 2002 Edition of The Northeast PA Business Journal

This year, my company is giving chocolate as client gifts. Even with a bow, the boxes seem plain. Although we can’t spend tons of money on huge gifts, we’d still like the presentation to be memorable. Any suggestions?

Disguise your boring box by placing it inside a funky one (foil, odd shapes, gloss-kote).  You can find lots of unusual boxes and “stuffing” online and around town. Why not tuck a box of gourmet chocolates into an antique-style hat box? Nestle theatre tickets inside a beautiful old cigar box adorned with ivy. Gift certificates slide neatly into knit stockings or faux-fur-trimmed mittens. What about a “not-so-Holiday-ish” exotic zebra-print gift bag with a matching plush animal tied to the handle? Decorative retro tins and old wooden advertising crates add warmth and style. Craft stores (and kiddie dress-up aisles) offer fun, fluffy, faux feather boas. Tie one around a gift for a stunning flourish. Find really lovely, large silk poinsettias, snip off one perfect blossom and glue it to the package! Odd-shaped gift? Slip it into a satin pillowcase and cinch with a luxurious tasseled gold cord. Feel like bright red and green are overused? Indulge in gold, silver, white, mint green, raspberry or rich wine tones. Exchange thin, stringy ribbon for sumptuous lengths of organza and velvet. Think simple and super-classy. Another trick…once your gift is wrapped and beribboned, decorate the top with a really glamorous ornament, a gingerbread man, prettily-wrapped gourmet candy, a small pine bough, jingle bells or fresh flowers. Wander around a craft store and you’re sure to come up with even more distinctive ideas. Happy Holidays!