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Ms. Bonnie Longbotham
P.O. Box 441
Dalton, PA 18414

Dear Ms. Longbotham,

We are pleased to recommend the services of Longbotham Strategic Marketing. Our team, comprised of consultants from a "Big Four" consulting company, worked with Longbotham to develop marketing materials for a new product launched for a client, a large biotechnology company in Southern California. There are three reasons why Longbotham's clients would recommend their services:

  1. Longbotham Strategic Marketing delivers exceptional products that far exceed expectations. When I first spoke to Longbotham about the project, I gave a vague overview of what the marketing materials would look like. Longbotham was able to take our description and turn it into interesting, unique, and effective marketing materials. Our client was impressed with the work and described it as "perfect".

  2. Longbotham Strategic Marketing was very flexible and reliable. Throughout the length of the project, we frequently requested changes to items and moved timelines around. When we asked for changes, Longbotham delivered what we wanted - ahead of time.

  3. Longbotham Strategic Marketing was collaborative. I always felt that Longbotham was part of the team in helping us figure out the most effective materials and strategy. They listened to the issues we were facing and offered their advice and expertise.

In summary, Longbotham Strategic Marketing contributed significantly to the successful completion of our project.


Irwin L. Goverman
Deloitte Consulting, LLP