Excellence. Integrity. Results.

Ms. Bonnie Longbotham
Longbotham Strategic Marketing
P.O. Box 441
Dalton, PA 18414

Dear Bonnie,

I am writing on behalf of The Mall at Steamtown and in reference to our partnership that was formed over the past several years. I have found Longbotham Strategic Marketing's commitment, ideals and attention to detail outstanding.

Longbotham Strategic Marketing has been instrumental in branding The Mall at Steamtown, and an essential force in educating the general public and media as we face unprecedented competition at a critical juncture in our quest to remain a dominant retailing destination in Northeastern Pennsylvania.

Longbotham Strategic Marketing has consistently exhibited an immediate understanding of our needs, and has consistently gone the extra mile to provide a refreshing level of service and commitment to "getting it done right the first time." Projects are routinely completed in a timely, cost-effective manner and with little need for revision.

Most recently, I was sincerely appreciative of Longbotham Strategic Marketing's initiative to partner with The Mall at Steamtown and give back to the community by sponsoring and assisting the Office of the District Attorney in its quest to develop a cohesive alcohol awareness program.

Based upon the foregoing, it is without hesitation that I give you an unqualified recommendation as you venture forward in a new business development.

Please contact me should you have any questions or concerns.

Very truly yours,
Steamtown Mall Partners, LP

James M. Walsh
Vice President, Property Management
Prizm Asset Management Company