Did you know certain types of file names can work against you, essentially hiding your company’s website photos from search engines?

Are the images on your website named like this:

Company Distribution Center Ohio

or photo_tool2.jpg?

Yellow Hammer Rubber Grip Item 3647
If so, you can see why they could be overlooked. The file names give little to no information about the images.

Images with descriptive file names have a better chance of being indexed by search engines and actually showing up during relevant searches.

Better choices for those file names would be:

(insert your company name)

Company Distribution Center Ohio

(describe the product and include your item number)

Yellow Hammer Rubber Grip Item 3647

A few quick tips to improve your image naming conventions:

1. Avoid special characters

2. Avoid blank spaces

3. Avoid underscores (use dashes/hyphens instead)

4. Avoid uppercase letters (use lowercase instead)

5. Avoid using small stop words like “a” and “the”

6. Use only the most relevant keywords in the file name

7. Observe other factors that contribute to image SEO…alt tags, title tags, captions, and more


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