Answers to Your Marketing Questions
By Bonnie J. Longbotham
As published in the March 2002 Edition of The Northeast PA Business Journal

We get lots of questions about making television commercials. During a recent production session at Fox 56 / WB 38, I began comparing notes with John Klimkiewicz, the Production Manager. “Clients that understand the process are better equipped to make smart decisions,” said John. Interested in creating a tv spot, retailer Joe might think that production costs $50 while hotelier Ruth is sure that it costs $10,000. The truth, for many locally-produced commercials, lies somewhere in between. Need a training video or snazzy corporate presentation? John believes that, “Affordable production means being sensible about labor and equipment. Plan ahead! Set clear goals during the pre-production meeting and take advantage of sight, sound, color and motion to enhance your message…or your unique selling proposition.” As a client, you can view a production studio in one of two ways:  As a “pair of hands” to execute your vision or as industry experts who know more about their specialty than you do. Ask advice, discuss options and listen. That “know-how” is part of what you’re paying for!

Would a spot composed of still shots or graphics would be more cost-effective than one with real footage? Not always. Some lucky person spends hours (or days!) creating and rendering those graphics. Footage can be faster!

Why do still shots off video reproduce poorly in print? Video resolution is 72 dpi (dots per inch) – okay for websites, but far too low to reproduce clearly on fine printed pieces.